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Quality and Processing
FactoryAt Turk's we take Processing quality very seriously to ensure we are producing the best chicken in the best possible way. From the moment the chickens are slaughtered every precaution is taken to ensure the chicken is kept clean and wholesome.

As the chicken moves through the plant there are a number of control points and wash stations. This ensures the product is kept free from contamination
and begins the cooling process.

After slaughter each bird undergoes a spin chilling process Factorythat ensures that the birds are clean and at a cold enough temperature to allow continued processing. Once the many different types of processing are completed the product is ready to be shipped to you the customer.

Turk’s Poultry subjects its product to regular rigorous microbiological testing to ensure that the product is of the highest standard. Turk's are proud of our results which consistently place us in the top one or two companies for overall health status and campylobacter.


Packaging and Presentation
At Turk’s we have always tried to use packaging that enhances the product and therefore the customer's buying experience. Traditionally Turk's have mainly supplied its chicken in 5 or 10 kilo bulk packs and whole birds in a clipped bag. PackagingIn today's market with the emphasis on higher food safety standards, the need for leak proof
packaging and less human handling of the raw product has been recognized by Turk’s, and led to continuous improvement and enhancement of the type and style of packaging used.

We have already begun implementing our new design sealed packaging for our fresh products and ready to eat lines. In the very near future we will be introducing our shelf ready packaging which will remove
the need for re-handling raw bulk product which will save our customers time and money while ensuring excellent food safety to the consumer.

This will also allow customers to order the chicken products in a way that is closer to their daily