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Good day

Just wanted to drop a note to commend you on your delicious products.
It’s been such a mission finding good quality and tasty halal poultry products since arriving in New Zealand and coming across your products has certainly made my shopping days so much easier.

I’ve recently tried your frankfurters and am hooked! Divine. Where on the North Shore (Auckland) could I find your other products – I’d especially like to try your breast roll.

Sincere appreciation for making the ‘halal’ shoppers lives easier

Kind Regards


Keep up the Good work, Turks.
I have just been looking at your website, and am pleased to discover Turks chickens are not hormone-boosted. The flavour of your chicken is really good, and our family especially likes the Smoked Chicken products. Thanks for your great product - we really like supporting NZ Owned and Operated businesses.
our McColl Family of Te Pahu


I recently purchased a smoked chicken on special at New World Brookfield,costing just on $10.

We would like to say how delicious this was, what excellent value and how well it kept over a few days in th fridge. We willonlybuy this brand in future as we have had mixed success with others. thanks for producing such a product IN N.Z!!


Food Stuffs


I just wanted to personally thank you for your effort in donating the chicken for our Gala Dinner evening.

It was a hugely successful event with over $50,000 raised to go directly to the re-build of Ronald McDonald House Wellington (see photos attached).

The food was amazing, Hester Guy and her team did a fabulous job.

Turks will receive an official thank you in the mail shortly for being a supporter.

We all really appreciated Turks generosity  

Kindest Regards
Kelly Binning-Rangi


I am writing on behalf of the Parents and Friends Association to thank Turks Poultry for their generous support with our “Masterchef” Year 8 fundraiser.

The evening was a great success and the students were given a wonderful learning experience, thanks to your local business.

We raised $5,000 towards the upgrade of the new Kapanui School Sandpit area as well as the continuing upgrade of technology at Kapanui School.

We are fortunate to have such a supportive organisation as yours in our community .

Yours Thankfully

Rochelle Adgo
Parents and Friends Association


You know how men are stupid? Anyway, after preparing chicken on the meat board with the meat knife and putting it into the pan I turned around to see partner eating a pear which he had just cut on the meat board with the meat knife. After advising him on the dangers of salmonella he shrugged, said well, too late now, and kept eating. But he did not get sick, so well done Turks for having really healthy chicken, although I did miss out on being able to say I told you so. Also well done on having halal certification - I'm glad it's on the website, although I would also like to see it on the packaging. I'm not muslim but I am looking for halal food.



Hi, I tried your Kransky sausages yesterday and absolutley loved them. Being German I am very picky regarding sausages. I have to say that Turk's Kranskies are very tasty. Highly recommended!!!




I am one of your greatest fans. Your chickens are the most flavoursome, juicy and generous sized birds I have ever tasted and I always get compliments when I roast them (it can’t just be my cooking skills). And they are very reasonably priced compare to other brands. So, let me first thank you and offer my congratulations for your fantastic product.

However, I am having real trouble finding where to buy them. I hope you can help.

I used to go to Pak’NSave Petone and get them – but last time there was no sign of whole chickens and they couldn’t help when I asked.

I also found them at New World in Thorndon and bought two in case I had trouble getting back to that outlet … next time I saw they only had skimpy sized other brands of organic chicken that were overpriced and scrawny looking, and some of your chicken pieces. As I wanted whole chicken they were no use and couldn’t help when I asked when they would get more.

I have been driving round the supermarkets in Johnsonville, Lower Hutt and part of Wellington and don’t know where to go. I live in Lower Hutt and work in Johnsonville but am willing to go further afield to get a reliable supply.
I would even consider buying 6 at a time to save petrol. I just want to buy your wonderful chickens – It is so much more superior in quality to all the other brands.

Are you able to direct me to a reliable shop where I can purchase ? I hope so and look forward to your response soon.

Kind regards (from an almost desperate Turks Chicken Fan)
Jenny Grimmett.


Hello my name is Catherine Sulenta and I shop at Royal Oak Pak n save (Auckland). I've just stuffed one of you're chix and popped it in the oven for dinner and I just wanted to congratulate on the new packaging. The plastic bag was alot sturdier and not a chance of it leaking in my fridge, I like it.

Thanks from a consumer point of view and for looking at ways to improve your product, good move.

Kind regards
Catherine Sulenta.


Your corn fed chicken is really good. I stopped eating chickens because of all the additives & dubious processes used in NZ. Now we eat chicken at least 3 times a week & I always make sure that I have one in the freezer!

Thank you,


I am writing to ask you to pass this letter on to Turks who gave us the frozen chickens at Christmas.  I would like to offer the company my heartfelt thanks for the very generous donation Turks made to our Paediatric Palliative Care families at Christmas time

As the social worker in the Paediatric Palliative Care Team at Starship Children’s Hospital it is my job to resource families whose children transition to Palliative and end-of-life care.  There is little provision in New Zealand to support the needs of the dying child and what help that is available is becoming increasingly hard to access. 
Consequently, the work of the Guardian Angels Trust that was set up to assist the children and families we care for has become vitally important

As we are aware that all of the children referred to our team are in the last weeks or months of their lives we have a focus on ensuring that major events in the children’s lives are as good as they can be. In particular, Christmas has an added poignancy as it is often the last Christmas the children will have. An aim of he Trust is to provide practical assistance so that families can look back and remember that they were able to do the best they could for their children

Turks generous donation of frozen chickens just prior to Christmas was very gratefully received. For many of our families the provision of chickens enabled them to enjoy a really good Christmas.  One mother commented that it was the unexpected generosity and ‘that others are thinking of us’ that really made this Christmas special – ‘one of the unexpected blessings that this illness has uncovered’.  Another one of our families would not have had anything special to mark the occasion apart from the chickens that Turks provided and the food that Guardian Angels was able to donate to the family.  One recently bereaved family had decided not to have Christmas this year but the food provided by Turks and Guardian Angels prompted then to rethink and to quietly celebrate with surviving children.  While there are many stories of individual reactions to Turks kind donation, all the families that chickens were given to were very grateful for the unexpected help so generously given

On behalf of the families that we are involved with I would like to thank Turks for their generosity towards our families.  Such unexpected generosity makes such a difference with the work we do but, more importantly, it allows the families to do the hardest work they will ever have to do, knowing that they are part of a wider community that cares what is happening to them

Kind regards
Jess Jamieson

The Trustee
The Guardian Angels Trust